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Austin Can Drive is under construction.

Thank you for your patience. The most up to date Milo sightings can always be found on facebook. Be on the look-out for exciting updates here. If you are interested in enrolling a student for Saddles cart driving program, please contact us to express your interest.

Thank you for supporting Saddles of Joy!

The Joyville Society is open to all who wish to support Saddles of Joy and their mission to offer therapeutic riding to the community. Your financial donation allows Saddles of Joy to provide food and shelter for the animals, maintain the facilities, and keep the riding program viable for all those that love horses.

Your annual membership benefits include:

Membership card
50% Discount on t-shirt purchases
Discounts on workshops and seminars hosted by SOJ

____ Copper Membership             $25

____ Silver Membership                 $50

____ Gold Membership                  $100

____ Platinum Membership         $200+
(First 100 members will receive special Founding Member certificate of appreciation!)

Thank you!