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Adaptive programs for individual needs...

We allow the gentle nature of our four legged therapists to produce any or all healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. That is what therapeutic riding at this level is all about. It is our hope and desire here at Saddles of Joy, Inc. that as we provide this service, we are improving the quality of life for both horse and rider, as well as producing a bond of healing.

Saddles of Joy presents a unique opportunity for special needs children, veterans and adults with disabilities  to experience horseback riding, either as part of a classroom experience through their school or individually through personal appointments and sometimes both. 

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Picture taken by Katie Kypros.

Posted by Saddles of Joy Inc. on Monday, October 6, 2014

"It is our desire to educate the community and/or any interested party to the therapeutic value of horse and rider. Be it child or adult, we continue on with education in horsemanship and care of the horse at the level of understanding and physical ability of our riders. We here at Saddles of Joy, Inc. acknowledge the level of success is simply putting the two together, horse and rider, with a positive result. 

The Joyville Society is open to all who wish to support Saddles of Joy and their mission to offer therapeutic riding to the community. Your financial donation allows Saddles of Joy to provide food and shelter for the animals, maintain the facilities, and keep the riding program viable for all those that love horses.

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