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There are many opportunities to make a difference here at Saddle Of Joy and important ways to contribute! Please see all of the amazing ways the community rallies every day to support our mission! There is room for everyone to help find creative ways to keep Saddles of Joy a great place for the whole family to come bond with animals! We like to hear about new ideas that are fun and enrich the ranch experience. From the feed store to the office supply store, to the donation of items that would otherwise have to be purchased go a long way in helping us to keep our riding lessons affordable and our animals healthy and safe.

Saddles of Joy receives no Federal or State funding and must rely upon corporate and individual contributions, grants and the proceeds from fund-raising events to underwrite program and operational expenses. While a tuition fee is charged per lesson, many are unable to pay this fee. It is Saddles of Joy's policy to make lessons available regardless of ability to pay, so these tuition needs are addressed through your donations. Your support is what allows Saddle of Joy to subsidize 75% of the actual cost of lessons. Your cash donation helps keep little miracles happening in our arena every day. Please be sure to check with your employer and your local stores as well, as many will match your cash donation.

Saddles of Joy Gift & Thrift Silent Auction and More!

​Our online auction started with a few events that lasted several weeks and eventually became something more perpetual. Our neighbors, friends, local business, and even businesses not so local all donate to keep this a fun and exciting way to raise funds to care for the horses and promote awareness for the many artists, businesses and good neighbors we have in Yuma!

The Joyville Society

Brand new, join today!


The Joyville Society

The Joyville Society is open to all who wish to support Saddles of Joy and their mission to offer therapeutic riding to the community. Your financial donation allows Saddles of Joy to provide food and shelter for the animals, maintain the facilities, and keep the riding program viable for all those that love horses.

Your annual membership benefits include:

Membership card
50% Discount on t-shirt purchases
Discounts on workshops and seminars hosted by SOJ

____ Copper Membership              $25

____ Silver Membership                  $50

____ Gold Membership                  $100

____ Platinum Membership           $200+
We take cash, check, credit cards or PayPal:

(First 100 members will receive special Founding Member certificate of appreciation!)

Thank you!