Without our wonderful herd of specially trained equines, saddles would not exist. Besides serving as our students' therapists, these amazing animals are also well loved friends. Some people don't realize how difficult it can be to find the perfect therapeutic riding horse. It is important that they are easygoing, kind, friendly, and enjoy working with several people simultaneously. In addition to being patient, they must also be sound enough to participate in lessons!  Our equine assistants harness the power of horses for our human comfort and therapeutic support. All of our horses are valued and respected as equine assistants with big personalities. Here we will tell their stories. 


Despite her size, Freckles is a gentle giant who loves being ridden and pampered. She does particularly well with our beginner riders, helping them to build confidence. She is steady and quiet and truly wants a partnership with her human team, making her invaluable as a teacher. 



June Bug became known as "Pirate Pony" after an infection caused her to lose an eye, June Bug is our resident sweetheart. She is very brave and takes on challenges head-on.  Her love of people makes her a great therapy horse. 



While Phantom usually likes to sit in front of his fan in his stall when the weather gets warmer, you can easily perk him up, just give him some watermelon or a mint candy cane - those are his favorites. Phantom is an "in your pocket" type guy, who loves his meals and hanging out in the arena with his friends. 



River was part of a roundup and found her home at Saddles. She is a curious and friendly girl with the sweetest personality. Her petite stature makes her a great option for those who may be nervous with a larger horse. 

Image by Jane Duursma


Believe it or not, Peppy was quite the superstar in his younger days. He competed and won many of the races he competed in. Peppy has decided now that fast running is not for him, he would prefer a nice trot actually. His humans donated him to Saddles and we've been in love with this beautiful boy ever since. 



Snickers is calm and steady making her a favorite choice for beginner riders. Snickers loves attention and being sweet talked. She is a wonderful partner, patient teacher and loving friend.